Microgaming’s Starscape will take you on an intergalactic journey of gambling adventure.

This game has a 25-pay line, 5-reel slot layout, giving players many opportunities to hit the jackpot.

Prepare to be blown away by the speed of light as we explore what awaits us in the Starscape universe.

Retro Space Opera

Starscape has a retro feel immediately apparent after playing for a few minutes. Starscape is a slot machine with a space theme. However, fans of Star Trek will be more comfortable than those who enjoy the latest sci-fi movies.

On top of the five reels, there are brightly colored symbols. This creates a nice contrast. The fonts on the buttons at the bottom of the screen and all around it are delightfully old-fashioned.

The player will feel like they are in an interplanetary spaceship’s cockpit. They can travel around the galaxy, collecting prizes along the way. Starscape’s design is very efficient, and it does a fantastic job of transporting players into an alternate, nostalgic, and futuristic alternate universe.

Could you get to Know Our Ship?

Starscape’s interstellar ship is much easier to control than you might think. Four main commands deserve your attention:

  • Select Lines to select the number of paylines you want to bet and activate;
  • Choose Coins to determine the number of coins you wish to bet per payline.
  • Max Bet: Spin the rotations with the highest coin denomination and coins per line for the game.
  • Before playing, you can change the coin denomination using buttons (+) or (-).
  • You are ready to play once you’ve chosen your settings. Just click the red spin button and let the reels go!

The game’s main objective is to have identical symbols line up along an active payline to win the cash prize. The most common winning combination starts with three matching symbols, which pay from left to right. Click the View Payout sign at the screen’s upper right and left corner to view the paytable. This will give you a good overview of all the combinations, paylines, and symbols.

The Cosmic Ballet Goes On

Starscape has 13 celestial objects, each worth many coins. Starting at the bottom, we have a few symbols imported directly from an old deck of playing cards. They range from the number 9 to the Ace. These are the lowest-valued icons, but winning combinations can lead to larger payouts, so remember them!

Continue our journey through Space, and you will see the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Mars, and its rings. These symbols all maintain the game’s retro feel with their flashy colors and candid designs. Microgaming has other slots suitable for those who like Space but are not old-fashioned. One of these is the Battlestar Galactica Slot.

The Final Touch

Starscape’s two final symbols deserve their section. These symbols are essential to make your gaming experience fly and help you reach the astronomical prize.

The Spaceship symbol has many surprises. The Spaceship symbol is always a Scatter and can be combined with other Scatters, even if the Scatters are not on the same payline. If 3, 4, or 5 Spaceships show up on the screen, you’ll be taken to a Bonus Game where you must match four identical symbols on another grid to win extra cash. You’ll also find a hidden x3 multiplier, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Starscape logo, meanwhile, is the Wild Card of the game. It can replace any other symbol except the Spaceship, and by doing so, doubles the amount won. Five logos win the ultimate jackpot in a single payline!

To Infinity and Beyond

Starscape is an excellent example of how a consistent and sound graphic design can create a thrilling gaming environment. The stakes may be high, but the fun is also. Special symbols add to the overall experience.

Despite its lack of gambling features, Starscape is a very well-executed and entertaining game.

Stash of Titans Slots

Enter the ancient Greek world of mythology with this Microgaming creation and win epic prizes!

Online slot machines are known for making such promises, but the stakes were high in this case, and the aesthetics were remembered. Slot games are consistent with a wide range of devices, and you can play for real money or for free.

Look at Stash of Titans to see if the game lives up to its name.

Climbing Mount Olympus

The game is set in the legendary Mount Olympus – the home of ancient Greek Gods and goddesses. Despite the reels taking up most of the screen, the background is very detailed and has an enjoyable cartoon look. Under a blue sky, with mountains capped in snow, the screen is dominated by the luxurious villas of Gods. The reels are framed by marble columns that were typical of Ancient Greece.

The cartoon-like feel is also present in the reel symbols, which depict famous Greek characters and creatures. Stash of the Titans is a unique game that has a cute design.

Nectar Ambrosia

The simple instructions at the bottom will be understood by all players as soon as they enter the game world. The (+) or (-) buttons allow you to choose the coin value used on the 20 lines available on the five reels. Lines and Coins buttons will enable you to select the number of paylines you want to activate and your total bet.

All your chips will be placed on the table when you click the Bet Max button. This is a risky option, but it can be gratifying!

After all the settings are complete, click the red-hot Spin to start the game.

Epic Creatures and Heroes

Take a look at the reel symbols. They deserve special attention for their unique and innovative design. The reel symbols include fierce Centaurs and Hydras, Cerberus at the entrance to Hell, Minotaur with his multiple heads, Pegasus Hercules, a Faun or Griffin, an Acropolis, a Treasure Chest, and the Minotaur. According to the paytable, combinations with three or more identical icons on an active payline pay left to right.

Pegasus and Treasure chest are the two symbols with the highest value. You can form mixed combinations to increase your odds of winning! The other symbols are not allowed to create varied combinations. They must be arranged in a strict and uniform row on a payline active before triggering a prize.

Last but not least

Stash of the Titans has two special symbols that twist the game and add Free Spins and extra coins.

The Stash of Titans Logo is the Wild Card of the Game. This means it can substitute all of the basic symbols in the previous section. It acts as a joker, giving you an additional chance to score a successful combo. The Logo also multiplies your winnings in each combo that it completes! The multiplier for a Logo is 2x, two Logos will multiply your bet to 4x, and so on until you reach the ultimate 5-Logos combination, which will multiply your original wager by 10x!

Medusa is a very noticeable character in your game. The snakes that crawl on her head are sure to draw attention. She is the Scatter in Stash Of The Titans. This means that she doesn’t care about the paylines. The multiplier for two Medusas is 2, three Medusas are x5, four Medusas are x10, and five Medusas will give you a staggering x50! You will also receive a 15-free spin bonus if you have 3 Medusas. All your winnings are quadrupled.

The Legendary Mountain is Worth a Visit

Stash of Titans is a game with many great qualities. Playing with an attractive symbol design and a cartoon-like, memorable atmosphere is easy and fun. A unique take on Greek Mythology with some huge wins at the keys.

Even the most stubborn players will be convinced to try the game by keywords like “x50 multiplier”, “Free Spins with quadrupled Wins,” or “50x Multiplier”.We have a section dedicated to casino reviews if you’re looking for a list of Microgaming Casinos that will carry the game.